Car rental in Portugal

If you are looking for information about renting a car in Portugal, we may be able to help you on your way.

Portugal autohuur

A few tips:
– Toll in Portugal works in two different ways; there is toll at which toll booths must be paid, by means of cash, credit card or Via Verde. There are also highways with electronic toll. This requires a cupboard. If this is not present, a fine is risked. This box is provided by all rental companies and will be asked when you pick up the car if you want this. Although no cupboard is needed until Casa das Flores, we advise you to take it. Roads to the North and East do contain the electronic toll and the alternative roads may be nicer to drive, but take a lot of time. In addition, the box offers the possibility to take the Via Verde lane on the motorways with toll booths.

– Do not opt ​​for returning the car with an empty fuel tank. It will be very difficult to return the car as empty as possible, even though you have already paid for it. It is better to fill up close to Casa das Flores and to fill up just before the airport.

– Take an all-risk insurance with a broker, this usually saves on costs. It is then not necessary to take out additional insurance policies at the counter!

– Pay attention to the delivery location of the rental companies. Some deliver at the airport, which is usually more expensive due to Airport tax and others require a transfer to a location just outside the airport.

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