Booking Conditions

What happens after receiving your booking?

You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation within 24 hours. This confirmation states the final rental price and period. A deposit of 50% must be paid within 7 days after receipt of the confirmation. The remaining amount must be paid no later than 4 weeks before arrival.

Rental conditions

The Casa das Flores rental conditions:


The rented may not be more than for it number of people booked are occupied. The tenant is not allowed it rent out or rent out the rented property in whole or in part to others to give.

There are no pets in the rented property allowed.

The total rental price is indicated in the booking confirmation emailed by us.

The rental price is the amount for use of the holiday apartment, including use of the fixed inventory and inclusive electricity and water consumption.

Bedding, towels for bath and kitchen and the final cleaning are included in the rental price.


The rental period is indicated in the booking confirmation and starts at 2:00 PM on that date and ends at 12:00 PM on the specified date.


50% of the rent is to be paid at reservation, at the latest 7 days after confirmation. Payment of the remainder of 50% is no later than 4 weeks before the start of your stay.


After the end of it stay we will refund the deposit after deducting what the tenant has lessor is due.


If the tenant for whatever reason it rented on the agreed date cannot, will or will accept, he must immediately inform the lessor of this. A telephone notification thereof must be confirmed in writing or by email. If the tenant cancels the agreement in the period up to 4 weeks before the start date of the rental period, he remains 50% owed; upon cancellation within 4 weeks up to the start date of the rental period 100% of the total rental price.

If the renter only on the start date or during the rental period not to use (anymore) the rented he remains liable for the full rental price.


Casa das Flores is obliged to rent the rented date and time agreed upon in good condition to the tenant .


The tenant is obliged to properly rent the rented property to use and to leave the rented property in good condition, neat and tidy let.


Tenant is liable for talking to it leased property, including damage to or loss of (part of) the inventory, caused during the rental period, unless the tenant can demonstrate that the damage to him, his family members or guests cannot be attributed. On the damage amount is deducted the amount that under any insurance is paid.


The costs of normal maintenance and repair of defects are at the expense of the lessor. If defects occur, the tenant must immediately inform the lessor of this.


Pets are not allowed; Smoking in the property is not allowed. You can smoke outside using the designated ashtrays. Smoldering butts are not in the garden or public green deposited; Be careful with the barbecue. Use for this purpose charcoal or briquettes and no open fire. You are responsible for it yourself damage caused by open fire; Make it cozy but limit the noise area. After 10 pm you limit the noise; Leave the house tidy and
broom clean behind (including dishes).


The swimming pool is intended for people who can swimming. The swimming pool is 2 meters deep. Do not dive and jump. Children under 12 years can only swim under direct supervision and guidance. Parents and / or supervisors are themselves responsible for having armbands worn jackets with buoyancy. Casa das Flores is never liable for damage and / or injury, in whatever form, caused by the use of the swimming pool.


Despite all the worries of Casa das Flores is possible preventing you from having a justified complaint. You must submit this complaint and directly with us, in order to give the management the opportunity to resolve this immediately. Should the complaint not be satisfactory are handled, you have until 1 month after departure from the park the opportunity to submit the complaint in writing via or by mail to Casa das Flores, Rua do Campo 5, Leziria, 2425-615 Monte Redondo LRA, Portugal


Force majeure on the part of Casa das Flores exists if the performance of the agreement in whole or in part, whether or not is not temporarily prevented by circumstances beyond the control of Casa das Flores, including war danger, personnel strikes, blockades, fire, delays, floods, insect nuisance or pests and other malfunctions or events. Both you and Casa das Flores are authorized in the event of force majeure by Casa das Flores to terminate the lease, whereby neither party owes compensation.


If Casa das Flores does not fulfill his obligations the tenant has the right to demand performance and / or compensation. If the breach of contract gives sufficient reason to do so, the tenant has it right to dissolve the agreement without going to court. If the tenant wishes to exercise this right, he must immediately and in writing motivated to communicate to Casa das Flores. Casa das Flores will in that case the rent in whole or in part, depending on the nature and duration of the non-performance, repay immediately. Tenant retains the right to compensation.

It is noted that the Casa das Flores not can be held responsible for any disruption, change or prevent the tenant from staying, if this is the result of unforeseen or insurmountable events beyond his control. Casa das Flores can not be held responsible for inconveniences caused by it work by third parties, such as municipality, province, garden companies, etc.

Landlord disclaims any responsibility for loss, theft or damage to luggage, personal property or vehicle, as well as costs resulting from not reaching on time the holiday apartment due to the delay.


If the renter does not pay the rental price on the has met an expiration date or other obligations under this agreement Casa das Flores has the right to fulfillment and / or compensation to be claimed.

If the default is sufficient gives cause, Casa das Flores has the right to terminate the agreement without to cancel the intervention of the judge. When Casa das Flores wants to make use of this right, he must immediately and in writing with reasons inform the renter. Casa das Flores retains the right to compensation.

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